Alder Front Back Hardwood Industries, Inc. Superior Prime Chop is designed for mid-length clear cuttings. It is ideal for making panels 32 to 60 inches long and long length cut stock. This is the lowest cost Superior grade available. • 4" and wider, 6' to 12'. • Grades NHLA Superior on best face. NHLA Cabinet on the worst face. • No long cutting requirement. • Minimum yield: 83-1/3% best face and 66-2/3% worst face. • Minimum cutting size: 4" x 3' and 3"x 6' on the best face. 4" x 2' and 3"x 3' on the worst face. • Unlimited cuttings allowed on both faces. Superior Chop((SUP CH) Hardwood Industries, Inc. • 44SCHWAL(L) SKU: