Hardwood Flooring

As a full line distributor of solid-strip and plank flooring, Hardwood Industries offers a variety of hardwood species in several grades. We also have available all the necessary supplies (fasteners, abrasives, and finishes) for complete installation.

No other choice provides the warmth, beauty and value of hardwood flooring Multiple options of hardwood species are available and the various grades define the feel of the design of an home or office interior. Applying finishes and stain can accentuate or modulate the characteristics of the woods natural beauty to further increase the design options available.

We stock in all grades in a variety of widths including Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, Hickory and Brazilian Cherry. Walnut, Cherry, Birch and Beech are also available in limited quantities among the widths offered. Standard strip flooring, which has a 2-14" face width and a 3/4" thickness, is our most readily available. Face of widths of 4" and wider are referred to as “Plank" flooring and can be special ordered.

Grades range from “Clear" which is free of defects to the common grades, which reflects all the character of the species. The right flooring grade selection is dependent on the overall feel of the desired interior design of the space. Higher grades are usually installed in the more formal interiors, as common grades are more appropriate in country or rustic interiors.

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