We are excited to announce our new partnership with REHAU!
Producer of one of the highest quality high-gloss, matte,
and laminate surfaces on the market.


Surface solutions for modern millwork design. Choose the right surface for your next high-gloss, matte, glass, metal, or textured finish project.

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RAUVISIO Brilliant

Create sparkling, mirror-like, high-gloss surfaces highlighting current trends in furniture design.


A high-gloss PET surface featuring batch-to-batch consistency, superior UV resistance.



Explore the new FENIX NTM nanotech matt surface distributed by REHAU.


Create an airy, modern kitchen with a super matte PET surface.



Provide the sleek shine of back-painted glass in a light-weight, durable polymer.

RAUVISIO Crystal Slim

Thin polymer back-painted glass surface perfect for backsplash and wall cladding renovations.



An extremely durable, deeply textured woodgrain HPL surface.


A unique, recycled leather surface creating a classic, warm design.



Create a cool, noticeably modern design with this true metal surface

Tambour Doors

A space-saving solutions for horizontal or vertical openings.

Cut and Banded Components

We deliver modern design to your door in days. With zero-joint perfection and 60+ finishes, REHAU takes the stress out of modern and lets you do what you do best: satisfy your customers.


Current REHAU Stock at Hardwood Industries:

Others colors / styles available with lead time.

Panels - 3/4" x 51" x 110"

SKU Description
34BB2SHPLMDF Brilliant Bianco High Gloss 2 Sided
34BBI2SHPLMDF Brilliant Bigio High Gloss 2 Sided
34BCE2SHPLMDF Brilliant Cemento High Gloss 2 Sided
34BCU2SHPLMDF Brilliant Cubanite High Gloss 2 Sided
34RW2SHPLMDF Radiant White High Gloss 1 Sided / White Melamine Back
34CRB2SHPLMDF Crystal Bianco 1 Sided / White Melamine Back
34SB2SHPLMDF Sky Black Matte 1 Sided / Black Melamine Back

Matching Edge Tape - 15/16" x .018"

SKU Description
78BBET Brilliant Bianco High Gloss Edge Tape
78BBIET Brilliant Bigio High Gloss Edge Tape
78BCEET Brilliant Cemento High Gloss Edge Tape
78BCUET Brilliant Cubanite High Gloss Edge Tape
78RWET Radiant White High Gloss Edge Tape
78CRBET Crystal Bianco Edge Tape
78SBET Sky Black Matte Edge Tape


Surface Solutions

Innovative surfaces for today’s high-end high-gloss and matte designs.

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Order Portal - Order Online Anytime!

An easy cut and band ordering tool that takes you through each step of the order process.