We do lumber differently.

Industry standard is not good enough for us.



Our goal is to improve your yield, reduce your labor, reduce your inventory, and minimize risk associated with your job.


Hardwood Industries is the only company on the West Coast that is NHLA Grade Certified.  Our proprietary grading system gives customers availability to lumber that can more specifically meet their needs.


TALLY GUARANTEED within 1% on H.I. Brand lumber!
Our industry leading tally accuracy: Each board is tallied to the tenth of a board foot and stamped on both the face and the end of the board.


Our goal: Ship 100% of the lumber, 100% on grade. GUARANTEED.
"Partners in Success
Since 1981."

Hardwood Industries is NHLA Grade Certified

What does is it mean to be NHLA “Grade certified?” The NHLA Facility Grade Certification Program is a quality assurance program for NHLA members only, to assure customers that our lumber is “On Grade.”
Currently we are the only company on the West Coast that is Grade Certified!

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Product Showcase

Let our experts find the best product for your application.


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Our hardwood experts are eager to assist you in planning your hardwood requirements to ensure we have the products you need when you need them.

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While we may be the Hardwood experts, we're also your go-to sheet-stock experts.  From veneer plywood to high-gloss surface solutions, we've got you covered!

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We offer a complete line of Hardwood Mouldings. Stock, Custom, Braided/Rope, and Dentil Mouldings. Our mouldings have a reputation of delivering the finest quality and most accurate cut available.

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A full line distributor of solid-strip, wide plank, and engineered flooring.  We offer a variety of hardwood species in several grades. We also carry the necessary fasteners, abrasives, and finishes for a complete installation.