Rehau Surface Solutions - Matte, High Gloss (and more) Panels and Cabinet Doors.

Choose the right surface for your next high-gloss, matte, glass, metal, or textured finish project.

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NEW! Floating Shelf Kits:

Is your design goal to clear clutter, spark joy, or provide ample storage you never thought possible? REHAU floating shelves are an elegant way to expand storage for everything from dishes and small appliances to decorative objects, while complementing the clean, no-hardware design of modern European-style cabinets.

REHAU Floring Shelves in Terra textured finish.

REHAU Floating Shelf Kits Installation Instructions:

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Rehau High Gloss panels. Rauvisio Brilliant, Rauvisio Radiant

High-Gloss - surfaces with depth

Give your clients something to reflect on for years. RAUVISIO surfaces provide the perfect solution for any type of high-gloss project.

RAUVISIO Brilliant

Offers the highest quality in high-gloss. Our components feature double-sided high-gloss acrylic surfaces laminated onto super-refined MDF in a PUR clean room environment to ensure a mirror-like reflective quality.


Excellent value and consistent quality in high and decorative gloss. The single-sided surface is created by using the highest quality PET film applied over a melamine board.

Rehau Matte Panels.  Fenix NTM, and Rauvisio Sky.

Matte - giving surfaces a super soft look and feel

Make your client into a trendsetter when you specify matte surfaces in their next project.


A next generation laminate surface with nanotechnology to achieve a super matte, super soft finish with no fingerprints. The FENIX NTM surfaces are laminated onto MDF or particleboard with a color-matched HPL backer sheet.


Noir monotonic matte surface blends elegance and craftsmanship with the modern contours of cosmopolitan life.

Forged in the design capital of the world, Italy, RAUVISIO noir has been meticulously curated to reflect ageless traveled elegance.

Deep black, crisp white, and muted sea and emerald tones transport your imagination and senses. Take a stroll down a gas-lit boardwalk; lose yourself in the ambiance of an after dark candle lit dinner. Inspired by the colors of the cinematic world, choose the line identified to be the soul and elegance of modern spaces - embrace RAUVISIO noir.

Rehau "Glass" panels. Rauvisio Crystal, and Rauvisio Crystal Slim.

Glass - the look and feel of glass with less hassle

Experience elegance in design with REHAU glass surfaces. Our broad range of intensely deep colors, patterns, and applications allows creativity without limits.


Gives all the beauty of back-painted glass with none of the drawbacks. It can be cut and drilled with normal tools, with no aluminum frame. Featuring a matching balanced backer.

RAUVISIO Crystal Slim

Walls in new builds and renovation projects can be easily updated and modernized with a fresh back-painted glass look. Unlike real glass, this 4 mm panel can be flexibly installed with the exact cut-outs for electrical sockets measured and cut on site.

Rehau Natural panels.  Rauvisio Terra woodgrain, Rauvisio Leather, and Rauvisio Wave.

Natural - bring the outside in with RAUVISIO natural surfaces

Impress with unique characteristics inspired by natural materials for any project application.


An extremely durable, deeply textured, surface made from HPL rather than melamine paper. Our components feature double-sided woodgrain with matching edgebanding.


A new structure brings movement into our natural surface solutions. RAUVISIO Wave structured laminate creates fascinating light and shadow effect providing a dynamic design element.

Rehau Metal panels.  Rauvisio Metal with a true metal seurface.

Metal - a crisp, modern look with metal

Design strictly in metal, or in combination with super matte or high-gloss surfaces, and offer your clients the industrial design they crave.


Create a cool, noticeably modern design with RAUVISIO Metal – a true metal surface on all six sides in natural aluminum or brushed stainless steel finishes. Giving the appearance of a solid metal door, all surfaces are bonded to a particleboard core using PUR glue.


Create a modern, industrial aesthetic with RAUVISIO Carbon™ all-spectrum metallic surfaces. RAUVISIO Carbon is a single-sided, metallic colored PET surface with a melamine backer.

Rehau Tambor Doors.

Tambour Doors

The new and improved Vetro-Line™ glass tambour door system brings glass back into the kitchen with a smooth, refined look. With a hint of transparency, the contents inside the cabinet can be seen, but not completely revealed.

REHAU Metallic-Line™ tambour doors give full access to cabinets, operate smoothly and quietly, and require minimal space with no doors that open out into the living area.

Cut and Banded Components. We deliver modern design to your door in days.

Cut and Banded Components

We deliver modern design to your door in days. With zero-joint perfection and 100+ finishes, REHAU takes the stress out of modern and lets you do what you do best: satisfy your customers.

Current REHAU Stock at Hardwood Industries:

Others colors / styles available with lead time.
Bianco / White Grigio Efeso Cemento Gabbiano Cubanite Bigio Black
Rehau Bianco / White color swatch. Rehau Grigio Efeso / Grey color swatch. Rehau Cemento color swatch. Rehau Gabbiano color swatch. Rehau Cubanite color swatch. Rehau Bigio color swatch. Rehau Black color swatch.


SKU Description
34BB2SHPLMDF Brilliant Bianco High Gloss 2 Sided - 19.5mm x 51" x 110"
34BBI2SHPLMDF Brilliant Bigio High Gloss 2 Sided - 19.5mm x 51" x 110"
34BCE2SHPLMDF Brilliant Cemento High Gloss 2 Sided - 19.5mm x 51" x 110"
34BCU2SHPLMDF Brilliant Cubanite High Gloss 2 Sided - 19.5mm x 51" x 110"
34BGA2SHPLMDF Brilliant Gabbiano High Gloss 2 Sided - 19.5mm x 51" x 110"
34CRB2SHPLMDF Crystal Bianco 1 Sided / White Melamine Back - 19mm x 51" x 110"
LIMITED STOCK Clearance Panels:  
34RW2SHPLMDF Radiant White High Gloss 1 Sided / White Melamine Back - 18.5mm x 49" x 110"
34FGE2SMPCTS Fenix Grigio Efeso Matte - 21mm x 51" x 120"

Matching Edge Tape - 15/16" x .018"

Brilliant, Radiant, Crystal, & Sky edge tape are 1.3mm thick. Fenix is 1mm thick.
SKU - Zero Line / Standard Description
1516X1BBZLET / 78X1BBET Brilliant Bianco (White) High Gloss Edge Tape
1516X1BBIZLET / 78X1BBIET Brilliant Bigio High Gloss Edge Tape
1516X1BCEZLET / 78X1BCEET Brilliant Cemento High Gloss Edge Tape
1516X1BCUZLET / 78X1BCUET Brilliant Cubanite High Gloss Edge Tape
1516X1BGAZLET / 78X1BGAET Brilliant Gabbiano High Gloss Edge Tape
1516X1RWZLET / 78X1RWET Radiant White High Gloss Edge Tape
1516X1CRBZLET / 78X1CRBET Crystal Bianco High Gloss Edge Tape
1516X1SBZLET / 78X1SBET Sky Black Matte Edge Tape - FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY
1516X1FBKZLET / 78X1FBKET Fenix Bianco Kos (White) Matte
1516X1FGEZLET / 78X1FGEET Fenix Grigio Efeso Matte
1516X1FNIZLET / 78X1FNIET Fenix Nero Ingo (Black) Matte

Loose Laminate - 4' x 9'

SKU Description
BBLAMINATE Brilliant Bianco Laminate 4' x 9'

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